How to Become a Great Jazz Vocalist Like Sylvia Brooks

If you are considering pursuing a career as a singer, you will find there are several options for you to choose from. For example, Sylvia Brooks, jazz vocalist, uses her voice as the main instrument in her music. However, you can also choose to be a backup artist, concert singer and more. Regardless of what type of artist you wish to be, there are certain things you must do and qualities you must have to succeed. Learn more about pursuing and reaching your dreams of being a vocalist here.


There is no question that there are many singers throughout history who have become successful and even icons of their generation with no type of formal singing education. However, there are some benefits of seeking professional training. You can learn control that may not be possible for self-taught individuals. Additionally, even if you choose not to seek formal education, you will likely use the services of a professional coach at some point. Be willing and open to learning something new to become an amazing singer, such as Sylvia Brooks, jazz vocalist.

Voice Quality and Acting Ability

The quality of your voice is going to affect whether or not you are successful in your chosen career. Keep in mind, modern recording artists, including Sylvia Brooks, jazz vocalist, aren’t going to require the vocal power or the range that a big band singer required in the 1940s. Some specific abilities that you should possess as a singer include vocal abilities, intonation, rhythm, timbre and timing. You may also benefit from some basic acting skills to tell a story with your song.

As you can see, becoming a great singer takes more than just a great voice. Learn more about jazz music by contacting us today.