Chris Spector – Midwest Record Review

SYLVIA BROOKS/Restless: Utterly smoking jazz noir, Brooks takes smoky after hours jazz into realms only hinted at in movies like “Body Heat”. I don’t know where she’s pulling this from but Brooks is one dame that understands what it is to be a femme fatale. Hitting under used classics and mixing them in with some recent vintage, equally off beat stuff, this is a mickey served by a dangerous broad with something up her sleeveless sleeve. Finding cores in songs like “Round Midnight”, “I’m a Fool to Want You” and “Blues in the Night” that the writers didn’t put there even in their darkest moments, this just ain’t kid stuff. This is one mind blowingly, killer adult jazz vocal date that would make other vocalists call it a day if they could come half as close. Check it out. Chris Spector – Midwest Record Review –