Sylvia Brooks is a female jazz singer performing in the Catalina/Jazz Bakery circuit in Los Angeles. Her dramatic renditions of vintage classics are performed with a level of emotion that connects with audiences, whether listening to her voice in person, on contemporary radio stations, or on her new album, “Dangerous Liaisons”.

Sylvia’s career as a female jazz singer has included varied credits in music and theater. The breadth of her experience in musical theater and as a female lounge singer has helped hone her skill and propel her into the spotlight as one of the great modern vocal jazz singers of her generation. Music industry professionals, reviewers and audiences have rated Sylvia as one of the best classic jazz singers of today.

In her debut album, “Dangerous Liaisons”, Sylvia demonstrates why she is one of the best classic jazz singers performing on stage in Los Angeles today. In her debut album, this female lounge singer has selected songs from the Great American Songbook and offers a flawless performance, backed by an 8 piece band of multi talented musicians on bass, keyboard, drums, sax, flute and piano.

If you are interested in learning more about Sylvia’s background as a pop jazz singer and the many facets of her background and experience that have helped her grow to become one of the best LA lounge singers, browse the website to learn more. Read news and look for information about upcoming performances in the Los Angeles area to find out where you can see Sylvia performing live.