Sylvia Brooks is a female jazz artist with a sound and style that has been greatly influenced by the great classical jazz artists and big band swing artists of the past. Her solid musical abilities and dark soulful sound have mesmerized audiences in LA area cabarets and other venues, bringing her a following of devoted fans and admirers. Listen to clips of her music on this website to hear the breathtaking sound of her songs.

Sylvia Brooks is poised to become one of the most memorable female recording artists of her generation with the release of her debut album, “Dangerous Liaisons”. This album features some of the most loved classic gems from the Great American Songbook that have been brought to new life by one of the best female vocal artists performing on stage today.

This female jazz artist can be found performing in the Los Angeles area and on contemporary music stations across the country, as more people are exposed to her hauntingly beautiful smoky sound. You can find information about her creative and musical background, past successes and future plans on this website.

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